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Entrepreneurial individuals have an exciting mix of industries they can get into, as the field is pretty much wide open in terms of where they decide to focus their efforts. Many former athletes or lifelong sports fans choose to set their sights on the sports industry, hoping to excel in a niche they love despite their inability to play pro themselves. 

At first glance, the sports industry might seem overcrowded by elites who have solidified their industry network and now have millions of dollars to call their own. However, it is not impossible to break into, especially when one digs deeper into the many niches involved in the larger sports industry.

For young entrepreneurs intimidated yet excited by the possibilities in the sports industry, the following pieces of advice will help them fair well among the competition.

Do Some Strategic Networking

Networking is a huge piece of individuals’ success, leaving those outside the industry feeling at a loss when they remember their lack of personal contacts in the industry. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to begin forming professional relationships with these individuals. It simply might take a little more groundwork on your end. Use LinkedIn, Google, and other social sites to find contact information for people within the industry – not just the household names that will be hard to get a hold of but also the inner staff for companies or teams you dream of partnering with. Getting an in with an HR Director, Vice President of Marketing, or even a Merchandising employee can help you get a leg up.

Stay Present

Getting an invite to important sports-related events might seem like a pipe dream, but it all begins with visiting lesser-known events and being an active member of the sports community. As an entrepreneur, you can meet some valuable individuals at live sporting events, conventions flooded with industry professionals, and trade shows. Events like these typically have higher-up individuals blending in with the crowd, making it possible for you to meet and introduce your business goals to potential partners in the niche you are hoping to specialize in.

Follow Nike’s Golden Rule

Nike’s motivational slogan poses some helpful advice for entrepreneurs who have been afraid to take any action towards pursuing their dream. The company’s founder, Phil Knight, followed his own advice very closely, deciding to just begin making his dream career straight out of college. Knight’s passion was fueled by action and his deep commitment to his dream. For many hopeful sports entrepreneurs, their lack of dedication and action is what is holding them back from pursuing their career goals.